Platinum credit cards free of charge.

The well-known provider Good lender currently offers the possibility to receive a platinum credit card for one year completely free of charge. And with full scope, without any restrictions.

The Good lender Platinum Double offer offers flexibility and payment security in all situations. The package includes both a MasterCard and a Visa Card. As an additional plus, a non-contributory Maestro card is provided, which is linked directly to the credit cards. Especially new customers who apply for this offer by May 31, 2012 can benefit from favorable conditions. Because those who make quick decisions can save an annual fee of USD 95.00 .

All-inclusive: goods protection, travel insurance and 0% credit line

All-inclusive: goods protection, travel insurance and 0% credit line

The Good lender offer offers a variety of individual advantages that can be clearly worthwhile in comparison to numerous other platinum credit cards. The price savings with this package are enormous.

  • First year free of charge, provided that the application is made by May 31, 2012
  • The world’s two best-accepted credit cards from a single source
  • Additional Maestro card if credit cards are not accepted
  • Credit interest of 1.5% without limit
  • Including free travel insurance
  • Additional 90-day goods protection
  • No interest on credit line usage within the first two months
  • Pay back used credit lines in installments

The Platinum Double from Good lender offers a special advantage with the available goods protection. Everything that is paid for with the cards is secured. If the goods are damaged or stolen within 90 days of the purchase date, Good lender will refund the full purchase price.
The repayment terms for the credit line usage are also impressive. No interest is charged within the first two months. There is also the option of repaying the respective loan in flexible installments. The rate must be just 2% of the loan amount, but at least 15 USD per month.

The most important numbers and conditions at a glance

The most important numbers and conditions at a glance

The conditions of the platinum credit cards are particularly favorable – even free of charge in the first year. As already mentioned, applicants can save a full annual fee until May 31, 2012. Anyone who submits the application later must pay the fee of USD 95.00. This also applies to all other years.

The borrowing rate is currently 11.83%, but is stated as changing. This borrowing rate does not apply when booking trips. Here an exclusive borrowing rate of currently 9.56% applies, although this is also variable. The additional effective annual interest rate is again 12.49%. A credit interest of 1.5% is also granted. Fees for foreign assignments are generally not charged.

  • The first annual fee does not apply if you apply until May 31, 2012 (later application USD 95.00)
  • Annual fee from the second year 95.00 USD
  • No fees for international assignments
  • Borrowing rate 11.83%
  • Debit interest for travel bookings 9.56%
  • APR 12.49%
  • Interest on credit in the amount of 1.5%

Who is this offer for?

Who is this offer for?

Basically, the Good lender Platinum Double Package is suitable for all groups of people who want financial flexibility and payment security. The package provides credit card holders with the world’s most important cards and also offers a free Maestro card . In addition, the conditions are particularly favorable, the services are very diverse and the repayment models for loan use are very flexible.

Those who apply for the duo by May 31, 2012 can save a whopping 95.00 USD in annual fees and receive their platinum credit cards absolutely free of charge for the first 12 months. Of course, an application is also possible after this date, but with the fee to be paid.

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