Which credit card for teenagers?

If you are looking for the right credit card for teenagers and teenagers, the provider will pay particular attention to and point out the applicable legal regulations for legal transactions with teenagers. That is why our consideration of the right credit card for young people starts with a little excursion into the legal basis. These also point out why there is a prepaid card but no classic credit card with a very high credit limit for teenagers.

The advantages of a prepaid card for teenagers

The advantages of a prepaid card for teenagers

Unfortunately, only a few states have thorough schooling on the rights and obligations of a consumer and how banking and credit cards would work. The prepaid credit card is therefore a very good way to slowly immerse yourself in the world of payment transactions. It is fully functional within the loaded credit and is issued by the credit card providers Mastercard and VISA. In order not to lose too much of the deposited money or the pocket money for credit card fees, you should pay particular attention to the annual fees and other fees.

The Prepiad cards for teenagers are available from the age of 14. Since the conditions can also change, we can only give a few examples as price information: A large private customer bank such as bank charges the prepaid VISA card at 22 USD. Agree banks has recognized that the first credit card experience should be cheap and the teenager shouldn’t pay a high annual fee. That is why the Agree banks prepaid credit card is free of charge up to the age of 18.

What special features should a credit card have for young people?

What special features should a credit card have for young people?

In the credit card area there are also foreign providers who offer their cards in Germany with full scope and full license. Due to the sometimes existing language barrier and the problem-free accessibility of customer service, we would choose a prepaid credit card, the provider of which is located in German-speaking countries.

In any case, young people should choose a credit card that can be used both online and at acceptance points on site. If the adolescent then pays many bills – for example in the supermarket – with a credit card, he gets a much better insight into the purchasing power and what everything costs and how the expenses add up within a month.

The special feature here is the reputation and the analysis of the monthly statement: In retrospect, the young person can think very well whether one or the other expenditure was really necessary or whether not too much was spent. In this case, the prepaid card is also a kind of collecting instrument, so that you can visualize the expenses every month. Since all credit card issuers list sales individually by acceptance partner, date and amount, there are no significant differences between the offers.

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